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by Sergiy Nesterko on July 12th, 2011

Recently I purchased the domain and created an interactive logo/visualization for Theory Information Analysis, a screenshot of which is presented above. Theory is a new project which I would like to represent applied real word work, including quantitative consulting and applied research.

It is an exciting time for statisticians. So many complex and fascinating problems are arising in industry, with the most advanced data analysis techniques being in demand. Increasingly complex inference, prediction and optimization problems are fueled by massive datasets. Such problems call for creative ideas to address them in reasonable computation time while delivering adequate error levels. It is important to keep in mind that solutions should be developed according to the most recent statistical theory to avoid them being fundamentally flawed. Hence the name for the project. Theory stands for idea, and also for general scientific theory of working with data, which is called statistics.

I created the visualization in Processing, and adapted it for Processing.js. In it, random Gaussian mixtures data are displayed via a dynamic histogram.

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