Dynamic visualization, paper supplement 2

by Sergiy Nesterko on May 28th, 2011

This browser does not have a Java plug-in so what you see above is a static screenshot of the visualization. Note that if you are on Mac OS, some browsers may not understand Java. Some that do are Safari and Camino, there may be others. So, try those. Also, you can try to get the latest Java plug-in here.

Views description:

  1. Network over histogram view displays a social network as a function of a quantitative attribute of every network participant by overlaying the network over the histogram of the attribute. Each network vertex has x coordinate that is equal to its attribute.
  2. RDS sample view displays the sampled part of the network as explored by the RDS process currently in progress. Sample wave is on the x axis, and vertex attribute is on the y axis.

Functionality description:

  1. Change view – switch between the network over histogram and RDS sample views.
  2. Net view axis – hide or show the histogram and coordinate axes when in network over histogram view.
  3. Spread out – spread out/stop movement of the network vertices in the network over histogram view.
  4. Vertex opacity, edge opacity and vertex speed are network object appearance settings that can be changed in real time.
  5. Load network – load network topology as set by one of topology types (homophily, inv. homophily and rich-gets-richer) and network topology sensitivity constants (a value from 1 to 10, set by topology slider).
  6. Next sample and next wave – go to the next wave within an RDS sample, or to next RDS sample, as defined by sample size, number of coupons, seed selection and referral settings.

This is a supplementary publication visualization 2 that has been made available along with supplementary publication visualization 1.

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