Visualizing while on Opening Workshop on Complex Networks at SAMSI

by Sergiy Nesterko on August 31st, 2010

It is now almost the end of my stay here in Research Triangle Park, NC at the Opening Workshop on Complex Networks organized by SAMSI. I presented a poster here on some of my work with Joe Blitzstein on estimation under respondent-driven sampling. This was about simulation studies we have done to lay foundations for our development of the new estimation method as outlined in this post. I will prepare a post describing this earlier work once we submit a paper on it, which should be soon. I also had a pleasure to meet other researchers working in the field, in particular Matt Salganik and Erik Volz. It was really enjoyable and inspiring to discuss problemsĀ relevant to estimation in RDS.

Apart from enjoying the workshop, I have had a chance to enjoy some Processing and experimented with some ideas about visualizing high dimensional dependent data (that is, when the number of dimensions is larger than 3). I have been able to meaningfully visualize 5 dimensions so far, but for our simulation results we need 8. Figure 1 demonstrates a sample visualization.

Figure 1: Funny faces, or a visualization of 5 dimensional data.

I will be working on this further, even though it may seem hard to incorporate many dimensions in a visualization without sacrificing interpretability.

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